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In the modern world, more and more often people become interested in their security and anonymity on the Internet. In this matter, they come to the aid of various VPN services. IPVanish Windows is an excellent VPN provider that offers many benefits for its users. 

Application is a US-based VPN service provider that provides a number of different services to its customers. Free IPVanish app has been in business for a number of years and has a good reputation in the VPN industry. However, their main offering is a VPN service that allows you to connect to a server in a different country to bypass geo-restrictions and encrypt your data.


IPVanish install is very easy. Just download the app for your device, install it, and follow the setup wizard. It is important to choose a location as this will determine the IP address you will be using. Once this is done, your connection will be secure.

Programm is very easy to use for any user. IPVanish apk download is easy even for children. But to make sure that your connection remains secure, we recommend that you disable the app on-demand and keep it running permanently.


This service provides security for their customers. IPVanish app for Windows offers some of the most advanced features available on the market for VPN software. The same is true of the version of IPVanish Mac. It's worth noting that app also has a kill switch, which can be turned on or off depending on if you want your data to be protected.

There are also some useful options that not all applications of this type have. IPVanish app download offers all the standard features you would expect from a VPN, including the ability to select a location, launch at startup, and disable the VPN on demand. 

Important features of the application:

  • 'No Logging' Policy;
  • Strong AES-256 Encryption;
  • Unlimited Bandwidth;
  • Unlimited Server Switching;
  • Unlimited P2P traffic;
  • 70+ Locations Across the World;
  • App allows up to 5 simultaneous connections.

Application IPVanish downloads free and provides most of the features described above. But if you need more options, you can pay extra and get them. 


If you download IPVanish for PC you would have, easy to use interface. You can connect to the VPN by simply tapping on the icon. After you tap on it, you choose the server you want to connect to, and tap on “Connect”. Once you are connected, the app’s icon will turn green. You can disconnect by tapping on the icon and tapping on “Disconnect”. 

IPVanish free app even has a button to quickly disconnect and reconnect. There’s also a button to quickly change the protocol, and another button to quickly disable the kill switch.


Programm is compatible with all major operating systems. You can download IPVanish for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. You can download and easily start using app on any of the devices listed.


  • Can you provide a detailed explanation of how your service works?
    It is a Tier-1 VPN provider. We own and operate our own network and datacenter. We do not use any third party hosting companies, nor do we host any VPN servers at third party data centers. This means that we provide all of the hardware, bandwidth, and network infrastructure to deliver our service.

  • Where can I use this VPN?
    IPVanish free download on most devices, such as, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.

  • What kind of traffic is allowed?
    App accepts all types of Internet traffic, including BitTorrent traffic.

  • Does this program protect against malware?
    Yes. It protects your data from malware, phishing sites, and other threats that can compromise your online security

  • Can I download torrents with It?
    Yes, you can use IPVanish VPN to download torrents. For details on this topic, please check our Terms of Service.


IPVanish is a legitimate VPN service that does not log or store any of your IP address or user information. It does not keep any logs at all. It is a tier-1 VPN provider, which means that they own their servers instead of renting them. IPVanish download for PC lets you enjoy a safe and affordable Internet experience. 

Apps software is lightweight but effective, and it is compatible with many operating systems. It has a user-friendly interface and the ability to change the server you're connected to.

IPVanish VPN App for Free

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